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<<We will monitor the results this season and make adjustments as necessary.>>
Just things to think about as you are monitoring

I agree, you are classing the way CCR and ETR do it.
CCR has no year end for Novice but has a 6 event Rookie class, which does use class and Pax, you can get into the Rookie class after 3 events as a Novice. The novice school counts as an event.
ETR has a win novice class twice, bump to open rule.
In both of those scenarios no Pax makes a lot of sense.
If you are going to do a year end Novice series it doesn’t make as much sense.

CCR does an amazing job for the Novice class. They designate people with work assignments to help the Novice class. They get experienced drivers in the cars until the new drivers get comfortable. They put them in their own row on grid so the Novice workers can keep up with the class. They give Novices an extra run. Those things are going to get people back for more events.

<<The “win open can’t compete in Novice anymore” has been a long standing rule.>>
Just because it’s an old rule, doesn’t mean it’s a good rule (;-)
If novice has no class, which open class do you look at? The one the car belongs in? Now they have to figure out class anyway.
IMO that rule makes no sense with the new Novice class setup. Getting rid of rules that are not enforced or just don’t make sense is a good idea.

<<Not awarding points/trophies for single participant classes is another discussion all together.>>
It would be a good discussion to have. Racing is a lot more fun and keeps people engaged when you have competition. I think my only logical choices for class are H Street, which gets very few people entering, or Pro. I am probably going to run Pro and get my posterior handed to me just to have some people in the class to run with.

Thanks for the conversation.