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Chris PolhamusChrisP
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Thanks Matt. Some of those concerns were addressed and likewise, with PAX a 150 hp hatch could place first over the 400 hp Mustang, even though the Mustang was faster raw. We have a lot of folks who run once and don’t return. Feedback is that PAX doesn’t make sense and neither does classing. The goal is to get people hooked then deal with classing, similar to the way CCR and ETR do. Art has been the designated Novice Steward and I am the desinganted clsssing guy. There is a desire to get fast folks into open classes. Small mods have big impacts with classing and we’ve miss classes a bunch of first-timers due to undisclosed modifications.

As for splitting the group, Novice tends to be our largest single group. Because of that, we usually run them with their base class, so it’s been a long time since Novices ran together. This really doesn’t change that.

The “win open can’t compete in Novice anymore” has been a long standing rule. I bumped myself out of Novice my first season due to this – no novices at Bele Chere, I ran GS with 1 other and won. So this rule has been retained. Not awarding points/trophies for single participant classes is another discussion all together.

We will monitor the results this season and make adjustments as necessary.

Again, thanks for the feedback! See you in April.