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Thats a big change to a class that saw a lot of participation last year. Night series had 7 folks qualify for year end. Day series had at least 5. At least half the people that ran one, ran more than one.

<<Novice uses Raw time to determine overall finishing position.>>
<<encourage people to participate in more than 1 event>>
I find it interesting you tossed out PAX so the guy running a slow stock car has to compete heads up with a highly modified or just a much faster car. That would seem to disincentivize someone from running the class if they see they have no chance running a stock FWD hatch with 150 hp against a RWD Mustang etc with 400 hp. I don’t think this helps accomplish your goal of having people run more than one event.

<<If a novice wins an open class at an autocross event, the driver is no longer eligible for novice class. >>
A bit more definition of this rule, or getting rid of it, would help. The way I read this if you are the only one in a class you win by default and get bumped out of novice? How about winning an open class with at least 3 other competitors? Even better, if you qualify at the beginning of the season you can run the class for the year. I am pretty sure there were several of us in Novice last year that would have won their open class so the rule doesn’t seem to be enforced anyway.

My first choice on the way to run novice class is to say once you win one, assuming at least 3 people enter the class, you are gone. If there was an opportunity to convert your finishes into an open class that would promote people running the rest of the series. At that point the no PAX idea makes more sense.

This seems to get to your goals:
Keeping it simple for the first time person by not having to figure out class. It would add some work for the Novice steward (do we have one of those?) to help the drivers figure out what class they belong in.
Getting fast folks out of Novice and into an open class, with their points, so they will run the series for points.
Getting fast folks out of Novice so the new drivers don’t feel so hopeless.

<<The novice class will be split up as necessary to balance run groups.>>
Classes ought to run together, even if they are novices.

For those of us that can’t get out to the meetings on Wednesday night it would be nice to be able to comment on rule changes before they are adopted. Posting them here as proposed changes and taking comments for a period of time would be nice.

Anyway, I enjoy running with the club, and I can’t run Novice anymore so…… Just my eighty five cents worth.