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Hi Matt

First let me say. Great job in Novice 2018 !!!  Now to your ????

To the best of my knowledge.   Yes you Could run Pro in one series and H-Street in the other.

For 2019 SCCA HS class Pax index is 0.780 Arguably the most advantages pax index for cars, particularly on small tracks.

( Let the “Arguably” comments ensue)  Everyone has there opinions. And please remember I don’t make the pax index.

Running Pro class in the Highlands series does not mean you have turned “PRO”. It does not do anything to your ability to run H-Street in SCCA races or other non “PRO” classes.

In my opinion – If you are looking for top level serious competitors, stiff competition and modern day gladiators of autocross? Then put on your big boy paints, strap your Snell approved helmet on tight, leave all fragile ego’s at home in the basement cowering in a dark corner and sign up your weapon of choice in Pro class — because: These ARE the droids you’re looking for! May the Force be with Master Matt