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Cameron AlbeaCameron Albea
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Pre-registration has now closed. You can still attend if you like, it’ll just cost an extra 5$ on top of your registration costs.

Current club totals are as follows:

  • CCR – 106
  • Triad – 41
  • Highlands – 14
  • Tarheel – 20
  • NCR – 6
  • Unaffiliated – 41

If you want to get tech and registration out of the way on Friday, you can do so at the Holiday Inn Express, 7772 Gateway Lane NW, Concord, from 5-8pm. If you have Highlands annual tech (or annual from any of the 5 NCAC clubs,) it will be accepted. Otherwise, you’ll have to get that done either Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Thanks to everyone for getting registered for this event. If you all have any questions, I’ll be doing early waivers at the gate. Otherwise, you can probably find me parked under the bleachers (I highly recommend parking here, btw.)

See you all bright and early Saturday morning!