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The live timing system would’ve been easy to implement had we not updated to the newer version of axware (not saying this was a bad move, I know how much fun old axware was,) but now that we have, our options are limited. Axware can do everything we need, we just need to commit to the price and have someone dedicated to getting it up and running and make it so that it’s easy enough that anyone running timing can start the timing server without issues (and I fully understand the reservations of those that have said they don’t wish to deal with that responsibility.) If I was still local, I’d happily volunteer, but I can’t realistically do that.

The only other option is a completely custom system similar to the one that ccr has. Having talked to the designer of that system, I highly recommend against it as it would be very complicated to implement.

I really think we need to jump on this in the off-season. As stated, just about everyone at an event has a smartphone or some other internet connected device and I believe the vast majority of them, if not all, would welcome being able to access times during an event and be able to refer to them before official results are posted. A couple people have approached me about volunteering to help with setting up and running this system, and I think if they really want to help, they should speak up now either here, at a meeting, or to club leadership.