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Debra MercerVANOSteam17
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July Meeting

The donation to the Fire Department will be $500 from our July 4th event. Going to cap the number of drivers at 100 for the Ag Center events because of the space for staging cars. We need to purchase a FM transmitter. One hundred cones will be ordered at the end of the year and possibly some more worker vests. There will be a limit to only 2 drivers per car unless special permission has been granted. Class STM will now be an option and it carries a PAX of 1. Officers will vote on the sound of a car if it sounds like it exceeds what is allowed. At that point, the sound device can be used to measure sound levels and can’t exceed the 100 level. The Autocross Chair will be the only one to make the final decisions about a coarse change. Concerns should be expressed to the Autocross Chair for consideration. Be looking for the Teen Street Survival event sign-up on Facebook and the forum. We need general volunteers and instructors. There is a online certification to become a instructor.