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Wow man how’s it going reading this brings back memories of when I had my GTX,

I just happen to come across this site looking for somewhere to post all my spare parts to sell.  I was looking for – I think it was reed sturtevant or something  he used to have a site dedicated to GTX’s but it looks like its gone, well anyway I read your post and you pretty much are doing everything I rebuilt or changed on my old car. once it’s done its going to be a very fun car to drive one trick I did to the tranny was I replaced the 5th gear with the gear out of the mazda MX6 GT turbo it gave me more top end and  the 2nd gear and synchro I  replaced it just to be safe. I also did the big brake and caliper swap were the rotor sat on the outside of the hub.

well if you know someone who is interested I’m finally  cleaning out my garage of all these spare parts I have sitting around I need to make space for my 1973 Mazda RX2 i’m going to restore. I was planning of installing the gtx motor into a miata but I have to many projects going on to even attempt it.

I have these parts.

1. A complete Engine that was freshly rebuilt with all the brackets and pulleys and intake, it has a new oil pump also.

2. I have the original manifold and turbo that was rebuilt with a modified front impeller on it (pulled pretty hard when I had it on the car).

3.10 lb aluminum flywheel with clutch masters Kevlar clutch.

4. all new factory outside decals

5. starter

6. original Mazda oil filters and some gaskets

7. the weights and springs that go inside the distributor.

I haven’t come up with a price yet but I am looking to sell everything together I will post some pics with all items displayed as soon as I get a chance if you know of someone needing these parts please pass this info on thanks.