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Erich BaumgartnerErichB
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I’m with Cameron. I fully support the aerial footage of our events. Our club is in serious need of some fresh, new media and footage for our site and Facebook.

The location you’ve marked out will work with no issues. We’ve had one other guy with a quadcopter at an event in Franklin, and I believe he flew over the entire grassy area, not just limited to those two sections. We have everyone who is on-site sign a waiver form. Technically, everyone who is on the property is part of the event, whether they are racing or not. They are all held to the same rules.

Most quadcopters have very wide-angle recording, so I’m not sure what kind of footage you’ll get from that distance of the lot.

Honestly, I’m fine with you flying anywhere over the property. It’s clear you’ve done your research regarding the liability and licensing. I’m not getting the impression that you’re just some random guy with a quadcopter and a youtube channel. I’d love to have some nice, stabilized footage from directly over the course, and some low-slung shots a few feet off the pavement (hovering around a turn or worker station).

If there was a problem with the quadcopter (battery dying, or some sort of failure), we can always red flag and stop the event for a minute until it’s landed and removed. We’ve red-flagged for way more dangerous situations than a 2 pound flying camera having to land on the pavement.

I’m sure there will be more discussion around this, as there has been opposition to flight over the course before. Either way, I’ve got no issue with what you’ve proposed. We’re glad to have you.